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Title: Controller Comedy
Genre: Comedy
Region: All UK

About Channel

ITV’s broadcasting business is made up of ITV1, the UK’s largest commercial TV channel in terms of audience share, and digital channels ITV2, ITV3, ITV4 and CITV.

Owned by ITV Plc, ITV’s content business also generates revenues by distributing ITV and third-party programming internationally, and through the sale of associated DVDs and merchandise.

ITV strive to provide event TV that appeals to a broad audience and is hugely talked about, from long running soaps, big game and talent shows, laugh out loud comedy to reality TV.

Programme Interests



Our viewers love strong characters and compelling stories, and so do we. We're looking for pre and post watershed half hour sitcoms driven by multi layered characters in familiar settings. The biggest priority of all is of course finding the funny, and we want our comedies packed full of jokes. We already have single camera and studio sitcoms on our slate, and we want more of them. Comedies on the main channel need to have a broad appeal to a wide audience, so our shows need to be accessible. Modern, contemporary and high production values are key to our requirements, and above all we want to laugh.

We are also looking for hour long comedy dramas. We won't be commissioning many, but there's definitely room for more on ITV. As we are the comedy department, our hour long series must be driven towards the joke, rather than take the form of light dramas but of course a robust story is necessary to sustain the format.


Our comedies on ITV2 need to appeal to a younger, male skewing audience without being 'laddish'. We're keen to find naughty, cheeky comedies that have pace, a strong voice, and a relentless gag rate. We like big, bold stand-out ideas. With our acquisition of Family Guy, American Dad and Bordertown, our commitment to comedy is keener than ever. We're bolstering our comedy output with more half hour sitcoms, which will play at 10pm.

Looking For


Our audiences have very broad and mainstream tastes, so we are looking for ambitious ideas that can tap into familiar themes and shared interests.

Ideas that sit comfortably with our audiences tend to be big scale, confident and funny as opposed to narrow, too cool, too cynical or too earnest.

We welcome ideas for our popular and familiar entertainment hosts – as well as brand new talent with emerging profiles.

When being entertained, it’s good to be surprised, so the less predictable an idea, the better!

How to submit an idea

For any Scripted Comedy or Comedy Entertainment ideas, these can be emailed to

We aim to respond to all submissions within six weeks. Please note we only accept submissions from production companies.

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