Contact: Gregor SharpRegion: All UK

Title: Commissioning Editor, Comedy (London & Scotland)
Genre: Comedy
Region: All UK

About Channel

The BBC is the world's leading public service broadcaster with a channel portfolio that  provides entertainment, news, drama, factual, current affairs, comedy, children’s and arts coverage across BBC One, BBC, Two, BBC Three, BBC Four, CBBC and CBeebies. 

Programme Interests

Comedy on BBC One, BBC Two, BBC Three & BBC Four.

Looking For

BBC 1: 

Commissioning slots


BBC comedy commissions approximately 33 hours a year on BBC One.

The BBC One audience expects and deserves gold-standard talent, top-drawer writing and the highest production values from comedy. We’re always looking for the right ideas and the right people on and off screen to deliver on these expectations.

We continue to make the development of new scripted comedy for BBC One a high priority. We want to create a mix of pre and post-watershed commissions that will appeal to a broad audience, which are also ambitious, distinctive and fresh. There's a real appetite for both studio audience (Still Open All HoursMrs Brown's BoysNot Going Out) and single-camera shows (Peter Kay’s Car ShareOutnumbered) which demonstrate the perfect alchemy of premise, writing and casting.

We are always on the look out for mainstream family friendly pieces. 

We are always looking to build on the production activity in the Nations and Regions and to improve Diversity both in front of and behind the camera. Please include any details of diversity with your submissions.


The audience

BBC One shows need to appeal to a broad, mainstream audience with larger than life comedy characters and situations that warm the heart. Accessible ideas, instant laughs and upbeat tones that promote both the unity and diversity of that audience are always welcome.

Familiar talent, universal themes and uncomplicated concepts will draw audiences to laugh together. Our viewers want to see their own experiences reflected and celebrated in our comedy mix and we need to offer more pieces that bring a comic perspective on all aspects of contemporary British life to our viewers from all backgrounds and all corners of the nation. 

BBC 2: 

Commissioning slot


BBC comedy commissions approximately 30 hours per year on BBC Two. Although there are quite a few returners there’s still room for two or three new series and one-off treats – we are always up for the thing we don’t have.

The channel is the unrivalled destination for smart and popular comedy. New ideas should be unashamedly funny, confident, colourful and diverse with the potential for mass appeal.

Comedy on BBC Two offers a hugely varied and distinctive mix: from the UK's most established and celebrated writers and performers to those who are brand new to the genre. It is the home for a range of high calibre single camera shows (W1AMum and Inside No. 9), sketch-shows (Morgana Robinson’s The Agency), character based studio sitcoms (Upstart Crow) and scripted comedy-entertainment (Charlie Brooker's Weekly Wipe).

BBC Two can nurture a wide range of performers and writers on the cusp of mainstream.

We are always looking to build on the production activity in the Nations and Regions and to improve diversity both in front of and behind the camera. Please include any details of diversity with your submissions.


The audience

Our audience on BBC Two deeply appreciates comedy and the humour on the channel can afford to be nuanced and ‘think again’ whilst still being accessible to a broad audience.

Comedy connects particularly well with demanding twenty and thirty-something viewers to the channel. The audience on BBC Two are drawn in to comedy which feels clever. 

They respond positively to personality-led mainstream offerings (Miranda started on BBC Two before transferring to BBC One) but we also know they appreciate subtle and nuanced pieces like Mum and Boy Meets Girl.

BBC 3: 




BBC comedy commissions approximately 27 hours a year on BBC Three.

BBC Three has a strong reputation as a source of quality new comedy bristling with experimental ambition, inventiveness and confidence. Going forward we will continue to be the destination for launching original new brands and brilliant new on and off-screen talent.

Since moving online we want the same quality and breadth of longform ideas, writing and talent. Content needs to be eye-catching and high impact, able to appeal to and hook in 16-30-something audiences within a highly competitive digital marketplace.

Volume and duration can be flexible to fit the idea in question so think creatively. 

We are always looking to build on the production activity in the Nations and Regions and to improve diversity both in front of and behind the camera. Please include any details of diversity with your submissions.


Examples of what's working well

Sitcoms such as CuckooUnclePeople Just Do Nothing and Witless do well. These combine fresh and innovative ideas, talented new casts and high quality production values.

Top Tens: Keen to find more mini-formats like this which help give a focus for the writer/performers to work in to. We can commission these in bulk to make the money work.

Equally keen not to limit any conceptual ambitions, HoodDocumentary is another example at the higher end of what we can afford with a mini-narrative element. Find out more about short-form comedy on BBC Three.


The audience

The BBC Three audience responds to shows with a bold premise, real energy and plenty of humour. Successful comedies present the world from a distinctive but relatable point of view.

They can be high or low concept but must connect with the lives and aspirations of a young and young-at-heart audience. These viewers respond well to bold, boisterous humour which is cheeky and self-aware.

Youth doesn’t always mean niche: sitcoms with universal themes yet from a fresh, young perspective work just as well on BBC Three as more innovative comedy formats and surreal types of humour.

This audience’s favourite comedies have energy and deliver laughs at a pace whilst reflecting familiar experiences and character types back at them in a brave, experimental way.

BBC 4: 


Background information

BBC comedy commissions approximately seven hours per year on BBC Four. We aim to use this small slate strategically to develop projects which could potentially have a long running future on BBC Two.

Comedy is a valued part of BBC Four’s ambition to be a lively, energetic channel where the audience is stimulated, challenged and entertained. It attracts talent, both established and new, who can explore their passions and offer audiences smart and intelligent comedy to invest in.

The key on BBC Four is sharp comedy which appeals to the thinking mind set. BBC Four is the perfect place for established talent to deliver a passion piece eg Mackenzie Crooks Detectorists, Jo Brand’s Going Forward.

BBC Four aims to attract the right projects to grow and flourish in their early stages before finding a bigger audience on BBC Two.

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