Contact: Dave DavisRegion: United States

Title: Vice President, TV Production
Genre: Non-fiction
Region: United States

About Channel

OPB is the primary public broadcasting organization (television, radio and web) for the State of Oregon.  Oregon Public Broadcasting produces a variety of local programming  for broadcast in Oregon, and also serves as a public television presenting station, producer and co producer of programming for national public TV broadcast.

Among other national series and specials, OPB co produces the long running PBS series “History Detectives” and more recently, “History Detectives Special Investigations”, in partnership with Lion Television.

OPB also produces an archaeology series titled “Time Team America” based on the long running UK series “Time Team”.   OPB presents a number of other national series including “Rick Steve’s European Travel”, “Travels to the Edge with Art Wolfe”, “The Jazzy Vegetarian”, and “How We Got to Now with Steven Johnson” (a Nutopia production for PBS).

OPB is interested in partnering with UK and US based production companies to produce, co produce or present programming for US public television broadcast.  OPB is among the top five PBS stations in the amount of programming delivered for national public TV broadcast. 

As a broadcaster, Oregon Public Broadcasting transmits public television programming throughout the state of Oregon and into Southwest Washington, with a large and loyal viewing audience that make OPB among the most watched PBS stations in the country.  OPB is also a radio licensee, and has a very active and rich on line presence.   Today, OPB is the only state wide news organization, with radio and web based reporters across the State.

Programme Interests

Looking For

High quality television series and specials that can air on US public television.   OPB can often assist with any versioning required, and can assist in locating US co production funding (from PBS and other sources).   OPB does not commission programming, but can work with production partners to seek out commissions from PBS and to craft pitches to PBS and others.

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David Davis is currently the Vice President for Television Production at Oregon Public Broadcasting.  With more than forty years experience in film and television, Davis is a long-time producer and executive producer of documentary series and specials for US public television.  He has three times won a National Emmy, in addition to the George Foster Peabody Award, The Robert F. Kennedy Award, the Cine Golden Eagle, and the Ohio State Award.  Oregon Public Broadcasting is one of the top producing stations in the PBS system.