Contact: Julie AndersonRegion: United States

Title: Executive Producer, Documentaries & Development
Genre: Factual
Region: United States

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Financed by: Government funds, foundations, donations and underwriters

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Julie Anderson is the Executive Producer, Documentaries & Development for THIRTEEN.

Ms. Anderson oversees documentary limited series, single documentaries and is responsible for developing  new programming ideas for PBS. She is also involved in fundraising, overseeing production and, post-production, delivery and distribution, and coordinating broadcast and non-broadcast aspects of productions. Anderson brings more than 20 years of experience overseeing the development, production and promotion of non-fiction programming. She was nominated for a 2012 Academy Award for producing the documentary “God Is The Bigger Elvis”. As a filmmaker, she has also won 4 prestigious Peabody Awards, and numerous national and international Emmy Awards.


Finding Your Roots - multipart series

American Epic -  multipart series and performance special

Sacred -  feature  length documentary special

Story of the Jews with Simon Schama - multi part series

TED Talks Education -  special