Contact: Stephen SegallerRegion: United States

Title: VP Programming
Genre: Factual
Region: United States

About Channel

Activities: Broadcaster

Financed by: Government funds, foundations, donations and underwriters

Transmission by: Cable, satellite, IPTV, Internet

Programme Interests

Looking For

Programming that fits into our existing strands and that is also entertaining and informational. 


Acquisition policy: WNET tends not to acquire much programming for national public television rights, preferring to be involved early as a co-producing partner or as a pre-sale.  There are exceptions though, particularly with programming used for fundraising purposes (pledge) and programming for airing locally in the New York area.


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Stephen Segaller is Vice President of Programming for WNET. Based in New York, Segaller is responsible for overseeing all production of content from the various strands. In addition to stewarding longstanding iconic series, Segaller is charged with creating, developing and launching new programs. His role also includes seeking multi-media, non-broadcast content and helping to drive technological innovation and modernization.


Genres: Performance and Arts, News and Current Affairs, Science & Nature, and Documentaries.


Audience: Educated, aged 55 and up and evenly split between males and females.


Performance and Arts: American Masters has produced an exceptional library of 180 titles, bringing unique originality and perspective to exploring the lives and illuminating the creative journeys of our most enduring writers, musicians, visual and performing artists, dramatists and filmmakers – those who have “left an indelible impression on our cultural landscape.” Great Performances presents concerts, ballet, opera, an occasional documentary such as Toscanini: The Maestro, and plays.


Science and Nature: As the most watched documentary film series on public television, NATURE delivers the best in original natural history films to audiences nationwide. Other science programs include The Human Spark and Brains on Trial.


Documentaries: WNET’s portfolio of documentaries series includes Blacks in Latin America, Finding Your Roots with Dr. Henry Louis Gates, Jr., and Women, War and Peace among many others.


History: Part detective story, part true-life drama, SECRETS OF THE DEAD explores some of the most iconic moments in history to debunk myths and shed new light on past events.


Length: multi-part series. Not interested in standalone single documentaries.