Contact: Sandra SheppardRegion: United States

Title: Director & Executive Producer
Genre: Children's
Region: United States

About Channel

Activities: Broadcaster

Financed by: Government funds, foundations, donations and underwriters

Transmission by: Cable, satellite, IPTV, Internet

Programme Interests

Looking For

TV and cross-platform projects that include educational and socio-emotional content. Animation and live action, along with short form, episodic and digital interactive projects are welcome.


Acquisition policy:


WNET tends not to acquire much programming for national public television rights, preferring to be involved early as a co-producing partner or as a pre-sale.


Audience: Children ages 2-15, Teachers and Educators


Length: Transmedia initiatives


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A producer and media executive with over 20 years of public television experience, Sandra is responsible for kids’ media initiatives at THIRTEEN/WNET New York Public Media. She serves as executive producer of Cyberchase, the Emmy Award-winning animated “math adventure” that airs daily on public television. She oversees development and production of programs, online games, and mobile apps, as well as educational outreach and research. Sandra has served as Principal Investigator for eleven NSF-funded STEM grants.


Sandra works in partnership with HIT Entertainment, a global provider of children’s entertainment, on classic preschool properties including Thomas & Friends, Bob the Builder, and Barney.  She is executive producer of Angelina Ballerina: The Next Steps, a CGI series based on the best-selling book series. Sandra is producing several original properties including Oh Noah!, Mission US, and Get the Math. She is currently developing Yummiloo, a whimsical food adventure with the co-creator of Blues Clues. She has overseen the production of several professional development video/web series for teachers, including the forthcoming Annenberg-funded project, The Power of Music: P-5 Teaching Inspired by El Sistema. Past credits include: Franny’s Feet, Freedom: A History of US, and the Peabody award-winning documentary, The Hobart Shakespeareans.