Contact: Jean-Pierre LaurendeauRegion: Canada

Title: Senior Director of Programming
Genre: Factual
Region: Canada

About Channel

Member of Bell Media, Canal D is a documentary channel that broadcast in French and HD. For close to 20 years, it has offered documentaries in various genres such as crime and forensics science, wildlife, environment, science, engineering and major social issues. Documentaries are carefully selected for their strong storytelling and compelling qualities. The channel has evolved over the years to integrate new documentary formats that include observational docs and reality-based storytelling, as well as re-enactments and docu-drama. The target audience for the channel is predominantly male but viewership is evenly divided between men and women. The core viewing audience is adults aged 25-54.

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Based in Montreal, the Senior Director of Programming is responsible for setting the programming vision and strategies for Canal D. He works with a small team of one acquisition officer and one commissioning officer for original productions. Canal D commissions around 200 hours in original programming and buys around 450 hours in acquisition per year.