Contact: Carla-Maria LawsonRegion: All UK

Title: Commissioning Editor, Daytime & Early Peak
Genre: Early Peak, Daytime
Region: All UK

About Channel

The BBC is the world's leading public service broadcaster with a channel portfolio that  provides entertainment, news, drama, factual, current affairs, comedy, children’s and arts coverage across BBC One, BBC, Two, BBC Three, BBC Four, CBBC and CBeebies. 

Programme Interests

Daytime & Early Peak on BBC One & BBC Two.

Looking For

BBC One daytime provides a diverse array of programming from good quiz shows to current affairs, consumer programmes to drama. Our volume commissions offer enormous value for money for license fee payers and are a great opportunity for the production sector. However, this does not mean a drop in quality and many of our series such as Pointless and Rip Off Britain have had great success transitioning to peak time. The tone of our shows aims to be accessible and inclusive - the content should be relevant and useful to people’s lives. Homes Under the Hammer and Bargain Hunt work well for us because they are packed with useful and pertinent insight on subjects relevant to the audience as well as a chance to see different parts of the country. We are focussing on diversity of portrayal and are interested in ideas that maximise this.


What we want


We are seeking distinctive, high impact factual formats and documentary series at 9.15am which can actively engage people between Breakfast and BBC News. These could be event-series, including live or topical weeks that could tie into a larger campaign or initiative. Watch Dan discussing formats across daytime in the video to the right.

We are also interested in family-friendly ideas for the school holidays that can appeal to young and old.

We will commission new ideas in current affairs, consumer, religion, crime, history or other areas that can offer an alternative to the commercial channels.

Remember that any new show must complement our existing audience favourites and work at scale. Think about how formats can return year on year for 100+ episodes, has your idea got a strong enough purpose, shape and hook to sustain this?


We are looking for new quizzes and factual entertainment formats that can help viewers to relax but also help them to learn something new. The 3.45 slot is particularly key for us this year.This is the time of day when people like escapism or indulgence, but again these formats must be incredibly rigorous to sustain a high volume of episodes.

We know that viewers love to engross themselves in a good story at this time of day and we are always looking for cost-effective ways to provide new scripted series to complement Doctors and the very successful Father Brown.

Recent re-commissions include quizzes such as The Code and !mpossible and compelling factual entertainment shows such as Money for NothingYes Chef and Going Back, Giving Back. Watch Dan discuss quiz and competition on daytime in the video on the right of this page.


Audience insights

Our audience is extremely wide-ranging, from parents with young children to shift workers, students, retired people, the unemployed and those unable to work. Daytime can connect with parts of our audience that may not otherwise engage with us. Our programmes are embedded in their daily routine and we offer a rich range of relevant content, from drama to quiz shows to useful and entertaining factual.

Daytime television is a big part of life for millions of viewers and a significant part of the BBC offer – half of all the BBC’s viewing occurs before 7pm. The increase in flexible working patterns for many people, combined with an ageing population and increasing years spent in retirement, means that demand remains high and the audience diverse.

Working people often watch more daytime television than they realise, from watching Breakfast before work and Bargain Hunt, BBC News or Doctors at lunchtime. At weekends, there are relaxed moments with Saturday Kitchen and engaging conversation on The Andrew Marr Show or Sunday Morning Live.

BBC One’s daytime and BBC Two early peak programming reaches almost half the population in each week with an average of 27.5m people. Breakfast delivers the second-most unique reach to the BBC of any programme, with only EastEnders ahead of it. Daytime titles are critical for reaching under-served audiences with many titles featuring high on the list of the programmes most viewed by our lightest viewers.

BBC 2: 

There is an opportunity for a small number of new high volume factual entertainment series in the 6 – 7pm slot. These would offer a mainstream alternative to the news and we would like people to think broadly about what is possible here, taking risks rather than trying to replicate what we already have. Commissions may include quizzes but we are also looking for original factual-entertainment ideas. Find out more about commissioning quiz in the video below.

This is an opportunity to grow high quality scalable programme brands which can transition into later peak. Michael Portillo’s Great British Railway JourneysGreat British Menu and the modern version of Masterchef all started life here before moving into successful peak slots.

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