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About Channel

Channel 4 is a publicly-owned, commercially-funded public service broadcaster. We do not receive any public funding and have a remit to be innovative, experimental and distinctive. Channel 4 works across television, film and digital media to deliver our public service remit, as outlined in the 2003 Communications Act and most recently the 2010 Digital Economy Act.

Channel 4 was launched on 2nd November 1982 with a unique business model, under the Broadcasting Act 1981. We are funded predominantly by advertising and sponsorship, but unlike other broadcasters such as ITV, Channel 4 is not shareholder owned. Channel 4 is a statutory corporation, independent of Government, and governed by a unitary board made up of executive and non-executive directors, who are responsible for ensuring that Channel 4 fulfils its remit and delivers its financial responsibilities. Non-executive directors are appointed by OFCOM in agreement with the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport. This system ensures our not-for-profit status; that we are held accountable and that all profit generated by our commercial activity is directly reinvested back into the delivery of our public service remit.

In addition to the main channel, our portfolio includes E4, More4, Film4, 4seven and 4Music, as well as our digital and video-on-demand platform, All 4. Through its film arm Film4, Channel 4 is also a key supporter of British film making talent.

As a publisher-broadcaster, Channel 4 is required to commission UK content from the independent production sector. We are a major investor in the UK's creative economy, working with around 300 creative companies from across the UK every year and investing significantly in training and talent development throughout the industry.

Programme Interests

Looking For


Formats are working to a broad brief looking for big, popular and returnable series across Channel 4 and E4, with an emphasis on a 16-34 year old audience. In particular we're looking for exciting new brands that offer something modern and original. We want to work with you to develop the next evolution of programmes for Channel 4, and we're excited by new filming techniques, technologies, cross-genres and new ways to tell a narrative.

Overall, the Formats department is driven by ideas and covers a wide range of genres from Factual Entertainment and Features, to Light Entertainment. The slots we are currently focussing on are 10pm weekdays and 8pm Fridays on Channel 4, plus 9pm and 10pm on E4.

Commissioning slots - Channel 4

Our current commissioning priority for weekdays at 10pm is popular, returnable game-changing formats. These ideas should be really ambitious, surprising, risky and something we've never seen before. This is a great opportunity to be innovative and experimental with proposals.

We're also looking for formats to kick-start the weekend on Fridays at 8pm. Tonally these ideas need to be lighter, entertaining, funny and appeal to a broad audience, with a particular emphasis on 16-34.

Commissioning slots - E4

On E4, our priority slots are 9pm and 10pm and we are looking for originated content that feels big, glossy, ambitious and that will stand up against the strong acquisitions on the channel and appeal to the 16-34 core audience. We're looking for shows in which young people see themselves and their lives reflected, with a modern voice and tone. We'll also be looking for channel defining, aspirational Formats - we want to back really original ideas and are actively looking for the next big new brands. We're after innovations and we're excited about the next generation of ideas and will consider anything from factual entertainment and constructed reality, through to panel shows.


With a strong and proud music heritage, Channel 4 is home to cultural events like iTunes Festival, and Barclaycard Mercury Prize.

A current priority is to find a Friday night music entertainment show for 11pm. Any submissions should pinpoint how music can reach a mainstream audience whilst remaining credible and able to break new acts. Brand sponsorship and Ad Funding has historically been important as full funding by the channel is not always a consideration. Brand interest at the ideas stage is always a help but not compulsory.

There are opportunities for music programming around C4 seasons. Please send us your ideas for the shows that compliement big commissions or seasons from other genres, topics or anniversaries.

Access to high end talent for narrated or observational documentary will always be on interest.

The department is well served for music sessions and interview shows which sit post-midnight. We would be more interested in 10pm propositions that have music at the core but tell other stories, have entertainment wrap around, or a new take on a format.

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