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Title: EVP Development & Research, Investigation Discovery / GM at Destination America
Genre: Factual
Region: United States
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About Channel

Discovery Fit & Health  (to become Discovery Life Channel in January, 2015 profiles ordinary people in extraordinary situations, DLC presents an unfiltered look at real relationships – from patient and doctor to husband and wife or parent and child – while also emphasizing people as they face hardships, take risks and, ultimately, persevere. Discovery Life Channel brings viewers a kaleidoscope of human emotions and experiences through the true stories of ordinary people. From critical turning points to unexpected moments, Discovery Life Channel explores how we tackle life’s twists and turns.    It is all about conflict, passions, relationships, adversity, confrontation, secrets, healing, tragedy, emotional journey and transformation.


Our programming includes medical mysteries, emergency room trauma dramas, pregnancy and parenting stories and narratives that cover obsessions, secrets, extreme anomalies and conditions.  We are always looking for a gripping narrative to tell our storeis. 


Discovery Fit & Health/Discovery Life’s new slate of programming features the best of Discovery Health programming, including the hit franchises Untold Stories of the ER , Dr. G: Medical Examiner and I'm Pregnant And..., I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant, 911: The Bronx, and Hoarding: Buried Alive, as well as a number of topical events, including the popular Discovery Health franchises Psych Week


Investigation Discovery:  Creative Brief

At Investigation Discovery, we tell the most riveting, suspenseful and emotion-packed true crime stories in America.  Our series showcase devious actions committed by the most unexpected characters, from horrifying murders to scandalous betrayal. In every story, the motive is juicy and stakes feel as high as life and death. These untold, twisty-turny, and shocking stories keep ID viewers on the edge of their seats to figure out whodunit, and why.  We have a wide-range of formats including: immersive psychological thrillers, newsmags, and even live-action series, all of which provide our viewers with the full story behind every crime. 


What should you bring us? We want to see your most compelling stories, your edgiest formats and your loudest titles!  We are open to stretching the definition of “crime” outside the strictly legal and into more murky areas of morality and human foibles.


About Investigation Discovery:

One of our nation’s fastest growing cable networks, ID delivers the highest-quality programming to nearly 85 million U.S. households and is available in both high definition (HD) and standard definition (SD).  ID is now a top ten network for women 25-54.   Hit series include: Obsession: Dark Desires, A Crime to Remember, Beauty Queen Murders, Homicide Hunter with Lt. Joe Kenda, On the Case with Paula Zahn, Who the Bleep Did I Marry and Cry Wolfe.  For more information, please visit,, or Investigation Discovery is part of Discovery Communications (Nasdaq: DISCA, DISCB, DISCK), the world’s #1 nonfiction media company reaching more than 2 billion cumulative subscribers in 220 countries and territories.

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Shadow Jane Latman for a day and you could be sitting in on a pitch session with famed filmmaker Errol Morris; a robust discussion of which death row inmate should be interviewed by Werner Herzog; a quick check in about access to Whitey Bulger’s former girlfriend; and a brainstorm around the who’s who of jilted Hollywood starlets to host a Valentine’s Day special on crazy breakups.  The subjects may be dark but, as Senior Vice President of Program Development for Investigation Discovery, Latman is an integral member of the leadership team for America’s fastest growing network. She keeps the demons at bay with stimulating duties that run the gamut from seeking out A-list filmmaking talent to developing a rogue’s gallery of the criminal element.


Latman has worked in non-fiction television for 20 years and has been at Discovery Communications since 2003, when she joined the programming department for what was then the Discovery Times Channel. After a stint in development for the Military Channel, Latman was tapped to help rebrand Discovery Times to Investigation Discovery, giving her the challenging privilege of designing content for the new network that would ultimately become a hit, with series that continue to perform today – for example: Scorned, Fatal Encounters, I (Almost) Got Away With it, and I Married A Mobster.


Prior to joining Discovery, Latman was a freelance producer, director, and writer for projects that included the award-winning series Nurses for Discovery Health Channel andUnderstanding Obesity for The Learning Channel’s acclaimed “Understanding…” series. She also did development work for a variety of ventures including PBS’s miniseries Stealing Time: the Science of Aging. Before launching her television career, Latman was a freelance theater director in Washington, D.C., specializing in the development of new plays.