Contact: Tony MansonRegion: New Zealand

Title: Commissioner, Factual Entertainment, TVNZ
Genre: Factual Entertainment
Region: New Zealand

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Television New Zealand, Limited more commonly referred to as TVNZ, is a government-owned national broadcaster broadcasting in New Zealand and parts of the Pacific region. Although the network identifies as a national, part-public broadcaster, it is essentially fully commercially funded, and was competition free until November 1989 when private channel TV3 was launched. This finally began the battle for ratings with the only real rival MediaWorks New Zealand, which currently operates channels TV3, Four, and C4

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Tony oversees a slate of TVNZ programmes, from primetime factual series (Off the Radar, Nigel Latta’s Politically Incorrect Guide to Parenting, and Food Truck) to reality series (Women in Blue, Dog Squad, and Rapid Response), and large scale entertainment formats (My Kitchen Rules New Zealand and Our First Home).

Tony began his career in 1986, when he joined the TVNZ Documentary Unit at Avalon Studios in Wellington. Here, he cut his teeth as a director and producer in factual television.

Tony left TVNZ in 1990 and moved to Auckland to establish himself as a freelance director, writer, and producer. His primetime director credits from this period range across sports entertainment (Clash of the Codes), docudrama series (Heroes), lifestyle programmes (Maggie's Garden Show, Holiday, Open Home), and documentaries.

In 1997 Tony joined fledgling independent production company Greenstone Pictures. Over the next seven years, he executive produced a range of Greenstone titles, including the popular Epitaph, Shipwreck, Secret New Zealand and The Zoo.

The Manson-produced documentary Cave Creek: The Full Story of a National Tragedy won the Best Documentary award at the 1998 NZ Television Awards, while Shipwreck won a Qantas Media Award for Best Information Series in 2000.  Shipwreck also went on to take a finalist certificate at 2001‘s New York International Television Festival.

After this tenure at Greenstone, Tony returned to TVNZ as Commissioner of Factual Entertainment in 2004. His work as an executive producer and network commissioner means he has had a guiding hand in developing and producing more than 1000 hours of primetime television.