Contact: Gu TingRegion: China - Nanjing, China - Jiangsu, China

Title: Chief of International Production
Genre: Entertainment, Drama, Documentary
Region: China - Nanjing, China - Jiangsu, China

About Channel

Jiangsu Broadcasting Corporation (JSBC) is China's third biggest television network after China Central Television (CCTV) and Hunan Broadcasting System (HBS). The network is owned by the Jiangsu provincial government and is based in Nanjing in Jiangsu.

Programme Interests

Looking For

Musical entertainment programs, magic reality shows, detective reality shows, and other new TV formats.

Opportunities to co-develop and co-produce cultural exchange theme documentaries and in-depth discussion regarding drama co-production

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Patrick Gu is a committed professional with 7 years’ academic experience in China's top media university and 10 years at JSBC, one of the top three Chinese television channels.

300 hours as entertainment show director, 200 hours as reality show producer, manager of 40 professionals, co-producer of 3 international documentaries, director of 2 transnational media – this is just a snapshot of his 10 year career in the media industry.

Seven years of front line programme production experience gave him a solid foundation to take on new challenges in international co-production, including China: Treasures of the Jade Empire (with Lion TV and Channel 4, broadcast on Channel 4, Arte and Smithsonian Channel); China Chariot (with Lion TV and Nova of Smithsonian Channel); Tales from modern China (with Lion TV, broadcast on BBC WN)..

Beyond the programme production field, as the Deputy Chief Director of JSBC international production department, his responsibilities include: development of a new JSBC international service and business development, strategic research and analysis (founding team member of the new broadband entertainment platform Now Jelli, and pre-study leader of new platform in UK & USA).