Contact: Lin JianjunRegion: China

Title: Head of R&D Dept
Genre: Entertainment
Region: China

About Channel

Shenzhen Media Group is a media company based in Shenzhen, Guangdong province, China. It owns twelve TV channels and four radio stations, which broadcast Chinese music, news and Chinese talk shows.

Programme Interests

Looking For

Co-development and co-production opportunities in entertainment shows, reality shows and documentaries

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Lin Jianjun obtained his MA degree in London. On his return to China he started work at in Shenzhen Satellite Television, Shenzhen Media Group where he has remained for over ten years.

He has produced many well-received TV programmes ranging from entertainment, events, reality, and factual to documentary. The most recent programmes he has been involved in as a producer are The Amazing Race (China) season 1 and 3, and The Generation show 2016