Contact: Ren JingRegion: China - Shanghai, China

Title: Deputy MD of Shanghai Entertainment Team Media Group, Assistant to Director of Dragon TV
Genre: Entertainment
Region: China - Shanghai, China

About Channel

Dragon TV (Chinese: 东方卫视) is a provincial satellite TV station. Currently, Dragon TV's signal covers most of China, including Macau, Hong Kong, Taiwan and overseas in North America, Japan, Australia, Europe and other countries and regions landing.

Programme Interests

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Co-productions in outdoor program, dancing programs, children program, social watch program, magic program and comedy program

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During her 15 years of experience in TV, and as one of the first independent producers with Dragon TV, Ren Jing has produced many well received TV programmes ranging from talk shows, to debates and reality shows. Her outdoor reality show Go Fighting is currently one of the most popular in China. Ms Ren has also won many awards for her work as a news reporter including the China News Awards and Shanghai News Awards.