Contact: Lester Yangzi Hu Region: China - Hunan, China - Changsha, China

Title: Senior Manager, Formats and International Business
Genre: Reality, Factual Entertainment, Entertainment
Region: China - Hunan, China - Changsha, China

About Channel

Hunan Television is a provincial satellite TV station. It launched in January 1997 and is currently China's second most watched channel, second only to CCTV 1, owned by China Central Television, although Hunan TV has occasionally overtaken CCTV 1 in the ratings. 

Programme Interests

Looking For

Hunan TV is committed to deliver the most compelling and innovative content to its viewers, boasting a combined of over 12 seasonal programs throughout the year’s weekend slots. As a part of our content strategy, we are always looking for unique format ideas from overseas developers, producers and distributors, with an increasing interest in international format co-development business.


We expect fun yet meaningful large-scale event television with a family appeal to kick off Friday nights at 8pm, where we had Daddy Where Are We Going and Amazing Kids; and young-skewing shiny floor entertainment ideas for Saturday nights at 10pm, with similar scale and success to I’m A Singer and  Come Sing With Me. For Sundays nights at 10pm, we continue to search for reality shows, sometimes entertaining social experiments, with the ultimate question about our modern life.


In short we want the biggest, most exciting ideas you have. 

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