Contact: Molly ZhaoRegion: China - Xi'an, China - Shaanxi, China

Title: Outreach and Cooperation Coordinator of Shaanxi TV
Genre: TV Programs concerning the Silk Road, Documentary
Region: China - Xi'an, China - Shaanxi, China

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Mollyzhao has been working with Shaanxi TV in the documentary department for more than 15 years. As an outreach and cooperation coordinator, and producer, she has been engaged in many negotiations and collaborations with foreign companies for documentary films such as The Naked Terracotta Army , The Beauty of Shaanxi, The Tang Mural Paintings, and others. Currently, She is responsible for introducing documentary films to the overseas market such as the UK and the US, and extending partnerships with foreign broadcasters and production companies. And also she is in charge of “Silk Road International Satellite TV Alliance” for Shaanxi Satellite Channel. She is looking for more TV partners to join in the alliance to coproduce TV programs in respect of tourism, trade and cultural exchange with overseas.