Contact: Gaynor HolmesRegion: Scotland

Title: Acting Head of Drama, BBC Scotland
Genre: Drama
Region: Scotland

About Channel

BBC Scotland complements and enhances the total BBC television proposition available to viewers in Scotland through opt-out programming on BBC ONE Scotland and BBC TWO Scotland. Their programmes range across all genres, embracing the experience of life in Scotland and the impact of Scots in the wider UK and beyond, both contemporary and historical, and reflecting the distinctive social, cultural and political activities of the nation.

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Welcome to the BBC Scotland Independent Commissioning website. Our relationship with independent production companies is absolutely key to BBC Scotland's success in achieving our aims and objectives.

These commissioning pages will give you a better understanding of how our commissioning process works and provide you with useful information, contacts and links across television, radio and online.

This site also links into the wider Network commissioning areas and you should find everything you need to work with us. We wish you success with your ideas and look forward to working with you on future projects