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Title: Senior Content Producer, Independent Interactive Commissions
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CBBC is BBC’s popular children’s channel for primary school children aged 6-12 years. As the UK’s clear market leader for youth programming, CBBC want to reflect the lives of their young audience and to give them multi-platform content which is innovative, challenging and infectious. CBBC are always aspiring for creative excellence and pride themselves on the quality and diversity of output.

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CBeebies is dedicated to delighting and surprising the BBC’s youngest audience, 0-6 year olds, and their parents and carers. It is the UK’s most watched and most loved channel for the under sixes and won the Children’s Bafta for Channel of the Year in 2010, 2011 and 2013.

Digital is key to reach its audiences – children, parents and carers alike – along with the CBeebies website, including a dedicated and growing Grown Ups social media prescence, it also provides podcasts, online audio content via CBeebies Radio, HTML5 games, digital events through the year, short form content, a range of playful templates and apps across mobile, desktop and tablet. CBeebies has so far launched two award winning and hugely successful apps, Playtime and Storytime.