Contact: Julian BondRegion: Scotland, Northern Ireland

Title: Commissioning Executive for Scotland and Northern Ireland for BBC Children's
Genre: Children's
Region: Scotland, Northern Ireland

About Channel

CBBC is BBC’s popular children’s channel for primary school children aged 6-12 years. As the UK’s clear market leader for youth programming, CBBC want to reflect the lives of their young audience and to give them multi-platform content which is innovative, challenging and infectious. CBBC are always aspiring for creative excellence and pride themselves on the quality and diversity of output.

Programme Interests

Looking For

This age group actively seeks out comedy and laughs. They love silliness, simplicity and high jinks. Exaggeration and physical comedy really strike a chord because their verbal skills and reasoning skills are still developing.They prefer characters that feel real and whose behaviour appears instinctive, not fake or contrived. They also love the unexpected, things that happen out of the blue or behaviour you wouldn't expect from a certain person. It should feel physically rooted in the real world so that they can relate to it.Intermittent segments of repetition won't bore them but they want to wonder, explore and learn too - variety is key.

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