Contact: Tatiana PeresRegion: Latin America, All

Title: Director of Acquisitions
Genre: Series, Formats, Feature Films, Drama, Documentary, Comedy, Children's
Region: Latin America, All

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Being part of people’s lives. Be with them wherever they might be. Inform. Surprise. Communicate. Listen to connect. Interact and talk with the audience. Verify and investigate to share. Entertain to mesmerise. Educate to develop. Innovate. These are some of the commitments that have written Globo’s history.

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The network has 12 thousand direct staff and thousands of indirect, producing 3,000 hours of journalism and 2,500 hours of entertainment yearly – which corresponds to 1,250 feature length films being shot every year.

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Over the years, Globo has established itself as a leader content producer and garnered the respect and trust of millions of viewers.

This is because our content do more than just attract audiences: it brings together families searching for a unique product, with original stories and high-quality production. For years our shows have enchanted, informed and entertained people worldwide. Our products have stirred people's emotions all over the world, and our achievements prove we can do the same for your viewers.

Globo, delivering first-class audience entertainment.