Contact: Annie ChungRegion: Asia-Pacific

Title: Senior Manager International Sales & Acquisitions
Genre: Performance, Music, Films, Animation
Region: Asia-Pacific

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CJ E&M has been leading the cultural content industry in Korea for the last 20 years through inheritance of the philosophy of Lee Byung-Chul,
founder of the CJ Group, that there is no country without culture. We are leading the globalization of Korean culture and offering fun and inspiration to
our customers all over the world by providing various content such as film, media, live performances, music, and animation.

Looking For

Increase awareness and competitiveness through integrated branding.

Expand business opportunities using a “One Source Multi Use” strategy for content.

Accelerate global expansion through E&M synergies.


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CJ E&M is Asia’s No. 1 general content company leading cultural trends by offering various media content and platform services.
We provide the greatest enjoyment to our customers based on the spirit of Only One, which pursues outstanding quality, reliability, and the best value.
We carry out various projects through cultural content. In addition, we strive to increase our global competitiveness and the growth potential of
our future business by specialized organization and operation in order to secure expertise and core competence in each business segment.