Contact: Tom GilesRegion: All UK

Title: Head of Current Affairs
Genre: Current Affairs
Region: All UK

About Channel

ITV’s broadcasting business is made up of ITV1, the UK’s largest commercial TV channel in terms of audience share, and digital channels ITV2, ITV3, ITV4 and CITV.

Owned by ITV Plc, ITV’s content business also generates revenues by distributing ITV and third-party programming internationally, and through the sale of associated DVDs and merchandise.

ITV strive to provide event TV that appeals to a broad audience and is hugely talked about, from long running soaps, big game and talent shows, laugh out loud comedy to reality TV.

Programme Interests

Current affairs on ITV cover a broad range of issues and include many differing styles and sub-genres within it. In the widest sense we're interested in the stories and ideas that graphically illustrate what is going on 'out there' - among our audience. That includes the social, the political and the economic but it is fundamentally about the way we live our lives and the issues and challenges that face us in the every day world.


Looking For

Most important of all we look for stories, strong narratives based firmly around people at the heart of events. Access can be an important element in any coverage but it has to be access with a point, access that drives a narrative and tells a powerful tale.

Most of our commissions are firmly rooted in UK-based stories but we have commissioned and will continue to commission overseas stories remembering all the time that this is ITV and whatever we do has to resonate with and be relevant to our audience.

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