Contact: Catherine CattonRegion: All UK

Title: Commissioning Editor
Genre: Factual Entertainment, Popular Factual
Region: All UK

About Channel

The BBC is the world's leading public service broadcaster with a channel portfolio that  provides entertainment, news, drama, factual, current affairs, comedy, children’s and arts coverage across BBC One, BBC, Two, BBC Three, BBC Four, CBBC and CBeebies. 

Programme Interests

Popular factual and factual entertainment

Our department’s brief is incredibly broad. We have the privilege of being able to commission from the constructed poppy docs space, right up to the edge of entertainment and everything in between. We’ve been concentrating these past twelve months on ensuring we have some new, confident factual entertainment formats making it to screen – you’ll have seen some of these already and they’ll be followed soon by the likes of Britain’s Best Home Cook on BBC One and Million Pound Menu on BBC Two.

Now we have a full team of commissioners in place, all with their own areas of interest, we’re keen to ensure we’re maximising our potential for making as wide-ranging a reach of programmes across our slate as possible. Excitingly, we’re now working closely with BBC Three too as their team looks to expand in to the factual entertainment territory. More details on the popular factual and factual entertainment on BBC Three page.

Above all, please don’t second guess what you can bring to us. If it feels like a treat, is likely to make you laugh, cry, or ideally both and will unashamedly entice and entertain, we’d be very interested to hear from you. 

Pilots across channels

We’ve had success with piloting ideas over the last year, most notable with The Recording Studio which we’re now looking to build upon. We’d like to pilot three or four new ideas across the channels, so if you think your idea would work as a non-broadcast pilot please do flag this to us. The idea here is to try some ideas that feel a little more audacious, or outside of the business-as-normal you might expect.


Looking For

Pitching to BBC


BBC Pitch is the tool by which UK based television production companies and BBC in-house production teams can submit content proposals for BBC network television.

Eligible companies must register for a BBC Pitch account before submitting a proposal and must read and accept the BBC Pitch terms and conditions. Please see the Eligibility criteria section for further information.  


Please note, individuals not affiliated with an independent production company cannot register to use BBC Pitch, please see the Ideas from the public page instead.

Those wishing to submit ideas for BBC Radio should visit the separate Radio section of the site and please see the Online section to find out how to submit digital and technology ideas. 

BBC Pitch is part of BBC Television’s commitment to improve the commissioning process, enabling BBC commissioners to consider programme ideas more efficiently. It is designed to simplify the process of managing and tracking proposals and allows the BBC to monitor whether it is correctly operating within the Code of practice.

The system does not replace any of the creative conversations with BBC commissioning teams, it is simply a way to manage ideas better. BBC Television receives up to 10,000 proposals a year and time with commissioners is limited so meetings will always be based upon the merit of the proposal submitted through BBC Pitch.

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